Celebrations at The Lodge

The Eberly Ranch Lodge exudes a classic Texas ranch vibe, perfect for hosting celebrations like philanthropic gatherings, corporate celebrations, entertainment spectacles, educational seminars, wedding festivities, milestone birthday bashes, holiday revelries, family reunions, and a host of special occasions including craft workshops, baby shower celebrations, fundraising events, or serene church retreats.

The Lodge venue seats up to 300 and sleeps up to 54.


The Eberly Ranch typically offers scenic outdoor settings, rustic charm, event spaces, accommodations, catering services, and the option for outdoor activities for weddings. Couples can personalize their wedding to fit their preferences, whether they want a rustic, elegant, or themed wedding. For specific details about their wedding offerings, please contact us for more information.

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The Eberly Ranch serves as an exceptional venue for family and class reunions, offering a picturesque and spacious setting for gatherings. With its scenic beauty and extensive facilities, it provides an ideal backdrop for reconnecting with loved ones and classmates. Whether it’s a casual family picnic or a grand class reunion, the ranch’s versatility, ample seating, and accommodations make it an excellent choice for creating lasting memories and fostering meaningful connections.



The Eberly Ranch is a versatile venue that lends itself beautifully to a wide range of celebrations, including birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and corporate events. Its picturesque surroundings and well-equipped facilities make it an ideal choice for hosting memorable and festive occasions. Whether you’re marking a special birthday, celebrating the holidays, or hosting a company event, the ranch offers the perfect backdrop. With ample space, scenic charm, and the option for outdoor activities, it’s an excellent place to create lasting memories and enjoy special moments with friends, family, or colleagues.



The Eberly Ranch provides a range of sporting tournament options, encompassing activities such as sporting clays, cow pasture golf, obstacle course races, and mountain biking. Situated in the heart of the Hill Country, it serves as a perfect central location or resting point for road cyclists.


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