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Our Area...

Our area of Central Texas has a beautiful and elaborate history and culture. From the Spanish-Mexican influence, cowboys and Indians, all the way to the arrival of German and Czech settlers and more recently the Round Top Antique Festival, there are iconic restaurants, museums and parks where you can experience it all.

With so many places just a short drive away: Round Top, Washington on the Brazos, Independence, TX, the Bluebell Factory in Brenham, and Stephen F. Austin’s cabin to name a few…the ranch is ideally situated for the Best of Texas Experience!
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Pin Rench...

The Lonesome Pine Ranch was originally settled by two of Stephen F. Austin’s “old 300” families, Joel Leakey and James Stevenson, who back in the early 1830’s, had their pick of the best spots in Texas. The descendants of these two settlers are still in the area.

In January 1821 Austin’s father, Moses Austin, had received a permit from the Spanish to settle 300 families in Texas, but he died in Missouri a short time later before he could realize his plans.

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