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Who We Are...

The Eberly Ranch, owned by the multi-generational Eberly family from Houston since 1999, embodies a profound commitment to historical preservation and a strong work ethic. Alongside offering warm hospitality, the family has diligently undertaken the restoration and renovation of the property’s historic buildings and landmarks, ensuring the preservation of its rich heritage.

Our Area...

Our Central Texas region boasts a rich and intricate history and culture. From the Spanish-Mexican influence, the era of cowboys and Indians, to the arrival of German and Czech settlers, and even the more recent Round Top Antique Festival, our area is steeped in heritage. Here, you’ll discover iconic restaurants, museums, and parks that allow you to immerse yourself in this diverse history.

With numerous must-visit destinations just a short drive away, including Round Top, Washington on the Brazos, Independence, TX, the Bluebell Factory in Brenham, and Stephen F. Austin’s cabin, our ranch enjoys an ideal location for providing the quintessential Texas experience!

A Little History...

The region was originally settled by two of Stephen F. Austin’s “old 300” families, Joel Leakey and James Stevenson, who, in the early 1830s, were among the first to choose prime locations in Texas. Remarkably, the descendants of these pioneering settlers continue to reside in the area.

In January 1821, Moses Austin, the father of Stephen F. Austin, obtained a permit from the Spanish authorities to establish a settlement of 300 families in Texas. Tragically, Moses Austin passed away in Missouri shortly thereafter, before he could see his ambitious plans come to fruition.

Stephen F. Austin, known as the “Father of Texas,” later carried on his father’s work and is famous for leading the colonization efforts in Texas during the early 19th century, ultimately playing a crucial role in the state’s history.

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